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The PERCH MAN ABN 42 065 149 145


Buy Jade perch fry or fingerlings direct from the Perch Man. 

To order fingerlings email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

See price list below. Fish food can be ordered with your fingerlings.

WARNING Beware of the imposter fish click for details

For detailed information about jade perch go to the members area click for more

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Genetic selected / improved breeders Read more about our breeding program


Netting jade perch on the Barcoo River

Your fry will come from Australia's most experienced breeder and live fish shipper. 

  • Over 35 years experience shipping live fish.
  • Largest breeder of Jade perch in Australia.
  • Best quality fry using managed genetics for fast growing qualities. Breeders sourced from the best growers in Australia, and managed using wild caught jade perch direct from their natural habitat. No loss of fast growing gene.
  • Packing usually 500 fry per box, depending on destination
  • Minimum 20 boxes per order.

Also available: Murray cod, silver perch, and sleepy cod.

A shipment of Australian JADE perch fry at Queenslands Brisbane Airport  HongKongshipment

4-5cm Fingerlings are available for Australian domestic customers. 

If you are in Western Australia we can not send you jade perch.

If you are not in Australia you need to be aware that export of Australian native fish is complicated, involving many permits, restrictions and many conditions that are in place for the receiving country. Therefore we cannot sent less than AUD$3,000.00 of fish, PLUS shipping and associated costs.

More information below.

Australian customers the fish are 4 to 5 centimetres. For export of bulk fry the size is usually 1.5 to 3.5cm.

To order food and fish email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Note: Jade perch will be available after the new spawning season, about November.

Delivery to your door from $87.00 per box. (East Coast Australia.) NOTE: Jade perch are NOT permitted to be stocked in farm dams.

  • 30- 49 --- $2.42 
  • 50- 99 --- $2.20 
  • 100-500 -- $1.65 
  • Over 500 --- $1.21 .
  • Wholesale prices below
  • F1 fry are available by arrangement. Minimum order 10,000 tails. $1.15 each.
  • 1.5 - 3.5 cm FRY. WHOLESALE PRICES OVER 10,000 tails,  AUD$0.43 each Plus GST. (No GST for export customers.)
  • Food can be ordered and delivered with fingerlings.
  • For commercial quantities of aquaculture feed see this link. Recommended food supplier

Please note the minimum quantity for export is 3,000 fish at AUD $1.00 each OR AUD$3,000. We can't export small quantities of fish. This is because of the very involved process to export live Australian native fish. The airlines also usually impose minimum freight weights. Usually they charge for 100kg even if you only send a single box of 11kg. The process for sending live fish itself is very involved. It is therefor necessary to have a shipment that has the economies of scale to cover the whole process. The minimum shipment value is AUD$3,000.00 fish value, plus all the other shipping costs.

WHOLESALE PRICES Taking orders now for bulk quantities for 2023-24 season. Don't miss out. Production is limited.

1.5 - 3.5 cm FRY WHOLESALE PRICES OVER 10,000 AUD$0.43. Plus GST Ask for a quote on "landed" cost to your local airport.

Full health certification available upon request.

For detailed information about growing jade perch and managing their health see the members area.

I regularly ship to many countries around the world, including, Malaysia, Mainland China, Taiwan, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. 

Jade perch story part 1 The Jade perch story Part 2 WILD BROODSTOCK Finding The Fish Jade perch story part 3 croped

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