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Because travel restrictions during COVID-19 made on-site visits impossible, a new set of videos were uploaded to the official Perch Man YouTube channel, jadeperchman. These videos are for all level 3 clients, new and existing. These videos are only available by invitation. They cannot be seen unless an invitation to view is made. This video collection is for commercial fish hatchery, and commercial growers of Australian native freshwater fish. Included in this service, you can ask me to make videos on anything not already covered by the video set. This is included in your two year subscription. Also includedUp to 100 follow up email questions answered.

Almost 40 videos available. These include full perch spawning information, EVERYTHING ! Exactly how I raise the babies in Australia.

Individual videos are au$1,250.00 each. Access to all videos au$4,000.00

To access these premium client videos EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you don't find what you need I'll make a video for you . . . just email me with your request.

These videos include -

  • Export packing of bulk fry
  • General Hatchery design
  • Farm design
  • Management of plankton ponds
  • Harvesting of fry and adult fish
  • Holding practices for fry prior to shipping
  • How to spawn jade perch and silver perch in full detail, sleepy cod etc
  • How to set up a plankton pond
  • How to raise perch larvae
  • How to move larvae to pond
  • When do you put the larvae into the plankton pond 
  • How to condition breeders for spawning
  • How to microchip your breeders
  • How to take an egg (oocytes) sample
  • How to inject ovulating hormone
  • Which hormone to use
  • How to release larvae into a plankton pond
  • How long from injection to release in plankton pond
  • How to design a plankton pond
  • How to wean your fry
  • How to manage/prevent diseases. No antibiotic !

They call me the Perch Man, because of my intimate knowledge of Australian perch.

My experience has been gained over the years while the commercial development of Australian native freshwater fish industry grew and evolved in Australia. I was the first to breed many species, including sleepy cod, (soon hock) and a number of Australian native freshwater fish. I was on the first expedition to collect the original breeders of jade perch from the Barcoo River, central Australia. I was one of the very first to ever spawn jade perch. (I am told I was the second person to breed them.) This was over 30 years ago. I have now been breeding them continuously, longer than anyone currently in the industry. In fact, the decision to use jade perch as their marketing name was made at my kitchen table.

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Looks like you are interested in becoming a fish farmer.

Many people have entered aquaculture without realising they are starting a business. It’s not just a “side line”, it’s a business on its own. You need to consider; do you have the time to manage a new business?

Do you have the necessary skills to grow fish?

Do you have the time and commitment to learn a new skill?

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CONTACT INFORMATION. Note, due to frequent international travel, phone contact and text messages may be difficult and email replies may be delayed. Preferred contact method is by email. Phone number is for emergencys ONLY.

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