The PERCH MAN ABN is 42 065 149 145

LEVEL 1  -  Members area of this web site. You can sign up for one day, three months or one year. Payment using PayPal from AUD$25.00. You will have access to detailed information about jade perch, silver perch, Murray cod etc. Over 30 years hands on experience is posted in this area. I, Bruce Sambell, AKA the Perch Man, have often been told I should write a book. These days the electronic world is the first place people tend to go for information. Therefor I decided to put my knowledge, as well as other peoples knowledge that is relevant to Australian native species, all in one place, the "members area" of this web site. click to sign up


LEVEL 2  -  Site visit, (I visit your farm.) is available to existing and potential growers of Australian freshwater fish. Advice is based on over 30 years experience and hands on practice. Many clients use this as an opportunity to have staff trained in better fish handling practices. The following is a list of services offered.

  • Environmental manage plans
  • Operating procedures
  • Staff daily task organisers
  • Quarantine protacols
  • Bio-security
  • Daily startup and close down procedures
  • Codes of practice
  • Disease management plans
  • Customized instructional videos
  • General design and layout
  • Farm design and layout
  • Hatchery procedures
  • Cooperative marketing
  • Site assessment
  • Personalised instructional videos

FEE AUD$450.00 per day plus travel days. Minimum days on site is three days, plus travel days.

All expenses are additional. Including airfares, meals, accommodation, and out of pocket expenses. Payable in advance.



  • One on-site visit per year, up to three days. I visit your site, and offer advice based on my experience, staff training, and *document preparation. The fee includes all expenses such as airfares*, accommodation, meals. Nothing for you to pay.     *Airfares are limited to countries within the South East Asia areas, such as, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and anywhere in Australia.
  • One year access to members area of on this web site
  • Conslutations by phone, email, or app comunication, up to 50 times per year.
  • *Document preparation - includes

Disease Management Manual

Environmental Management Plan

Operational Procedures Manuals

Staff Daily Task Organisers

Personalised instructional videos

Daily startup and close down procedures

Tailored bio-security/quarantine protocols

Site assessment

Australian standards audits.

FEE: AUD$7,800. Payable in advance.

Currently working with clients in, Germany, Laos, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. 

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Below: on site in Hong Kong demonstrating management with video presentation, and practical handeling methods.

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Teaching practical skills to staff in Hong Kong and Malaysia

practicale skills 1 FB IMG 1525128810696

BELOW LEFT: Hong Kong Fisheries.  RIGHT: Unpacking jade perch in China

Hong Kong fisheries Unpacking at client in China

BELOW: Leon Ashby Operations Manager for Queensland Senator Fraser Anning Leon's wife, Jane on the right. Advice on future aquaculture potential in Queensland. 

Leon Ashby Operations Manager for Queensland Senator Fraser Anning Leons wife Jane on the right TEXT   Future aquaculture potential in Queensland

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Unpacking training 20180215 111851 Copy

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training staff in Hong Kong Teaching spawning method3

Farm in background 450x253 Pond liners




MEMBERS AREA of this web site "MEMBERSHIP"

Technical Information "Client area"

The PERCH MAN ABN is 42 065 149 145

Clients can log in here for technical information on jade perch, silver perch, sleepy cod and Murray cod.

The information included here covers many aspects of these species, including habitat information which can be used to fill in some of the knowledge gaps. Information about jade perch goes back to the original "pioneer" growers who started growing jade perch in the 90s in Queensland Australia, the home of the species. This hand full of growers had to learn things the hard way. Their knowledge was built from a base knowledge on silver perch. There had been plenty of quality government research done with silver perch, but almost nothing had been, or ever was done, on jade perch. They learned everything the hard way. Information like, how low the water temperature could go, before they stopped growing, and at what temperature would they actually start to die, were learnt by killing fish. This sort of information, as well as over 30 of years knowledge, and experience, can be found here. The information is constantly being up-dated.

To access this area of the jadeperch web site click on "membership" on the top menu bar. Once you have signed up you will notice that the "membership" button on the menue bar now has a "Technical Information" drop down list. Just click on Technical Information, and you are in.

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Click on this link for a sample of the video to be found inside the client area.

Jade Perch Video