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The best way to design or work out your farm layout is not about nice drawings. It is about where the water is going to end up before it leaves your property. If possible, have all your buildings near the entrance. Your loading area, hatchery and purging facility is best nearest the entrance to your property. This should be near the highest point on your land, if possible?!

Water from your buildings should end up at the bottom of you land, "down the hill." Your water storages (dams) should be at the lowest point of your property. Before entering the storage dams, there should be a bioremediation dam. This is where all your water should go before entering a storage dam where it can be reused, pumped back to you ponds etc.

The bioremediation area is generally where vegetation can use up any nutrients from your aquaculture activities. It can also be used to chemically treat any diseases that you may need to manage. For example, this area must not have any fish because most parasites will not survive long without a host. No fish = no parasites.


Before anything was built knowing how tanks drain, and water could be treated is essential.


The water storage dams shown here are all at the lowest point on the property.

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Air_farm_2004.jpg Stand pipes for purging tanks  



The purging tanks are installed  before the  shed  is  constructed. Planning how everything is to work is essential. You need to know how the farm will work after is is built. 

Purging tank installation DRAINAGE_TRENCH_640x480.jpgInstall_tanks_640x480.jpg
Tanks_in_place_640x480.jpg Shed_build_after_tanks_installed.jpgTanks in shed

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