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Clients can log in here for technical information on jade perch, silver perch, sleepy cod and Murray cod.

The information included here covers many aspects of these species, including habitat information which can be used to fill in some of the knowledge gaps. Information about jade perch goes back to the original "pioneer" growers who started growing jade perch in the 90s in Queensland Australia, the home of the species. This hand full of growers had to learn things the hard way. Their knowledge was built from a base knowledge on silver perch. There had been plenty of quality government research done with silver perch, but almost nothing had been, or ever was done, on jade perch. They learned everything the hard way. Information like, how low the water temperature could go, before they stopped growing, and at what temperature would they actually start to die were learnt by killing fish. This sort of information, as well as over 25 of years knowledge, and experience, can be found here. The information is constantly being up-dated.

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Jade Perch Video

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