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Our fingerlings are produces under a Fish Health certification Program

65 thousand fingerlings underwater

Follow the simple steps on how to order silver perch fingerlings. When you follow these steps you will send an email to our shipping department. The questions asked will help us email you the price of your silver perch fingerlings delivered to you. You can also order food and test kits to help you grow your silver perch fingerlings into a tasty, healthy meal. Just follow the links How To Order silver perch fingerlings and we will give you a quote before you commit to buy. We recommend advance orders for all quantities over 5,000

Did you know how healthy silver perch fingerlings will be when they grow to table size?
They are a super foodClick here to find out more about just how healthy silver perch and jade perch are. They are full of healthy Omega-3. CSIRO tests* showed that Australian jade perch contained an incredible 2,483mg/100gm of omega-3 oils, and Australian silver perch had 792mg/100gms of omega-3. 

*This testing was conducted at the CSIRO Marine Research Laboratories, Hobart as part of an FRDC project 99/331. 

Silver perch fingerlings are an ideal fish for ponds and dams. Be sure to check that it is legal to put them in you dam firstFind more hereThey are also good for aquaponics in cooler climates where jade perch won't handle the winter water temperatures. When grown in tanks, silver perch fingerlings will grow to about 300 to 350 grams in about a year, given reasonable growing conditions. Unless it is a flow through system, then they will keep growing to reach about 500 to 800 grams in one and a half to two years.

Our fingerlings are produces under a Fish Health certification Program


3kg silver perch

AVERAGE SIZE  4-5cm MINIMUM ORDER 30. For smaller quantitiesclick here

How to order silver perch fingerlings  
30 - 50     ---      $2.31 each  Inc GST
51  - 100  ---      $1.87 each  Inc GST
101 - 500 ---      $1.65 each  Inc GST
501 - 5000  ---   $1.43 including GST
Over 5,000 POA. For larger quantities special freight arrangements will be made

We recommend advance orders for all quantities over 5,000
WHOLESALE PRICES OVER 10,000 AUD$0.43 each, 1.0 - 3.5 cm FRY.
Taking orders now for bulk quantities for 2018-19 season. Don't miss out. Production is limited.Terms and conditions.

  How to order silver perch fingerlings  

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