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The PERCH MAN ABN 42 065 149 145

Australian Honey Herch (Hephaestus fuliginosus)

Honey Perch are a popular sport fishing species found across the tropical regions of Australia. 

Catching_honey_perch_thumb_nail.jpg Click for video

Abundant throughout coastal drainages of Northern Territory, Gulf of Carpentaria and North Eastern Queensland. Sports fisherman know them as sooty grunter. They are also known as black bream in some areas, however, there are many freshwater fish in Australia that local citizens call black bream. They have a white flaky flesh, with a delicate flavour considered by many people in Australia to be superior to other freshwater fish. The species will be new to aquaculture. Currently they are being trialed in Singapore, Malaysia and in Hong Kong the Inland Culture Development Section of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department are conducting research on the species.

They readily accept commercial pellets. Even wild caught fish kept in tanks readily accept any food. Water temperatures should be in the range of 25 to 30c. They grow to about 54 centimeters and can weigh over 6kg. They can manage PH as low as 4.0 and temperature ranges between 11c and 35c. For best growth, maintain them between 25c and 30c. They are an Omnivorous speciesDiets that are suitable for jade perch, silver perch or tilapia would suit honey perch. Although, they are generally not aggressive towards each other, because this species has not yet been grown in intensive aquaculture systems, careful observation should be practiced to monitor any potential cannibalism or agressive behavour. As I always say, if it is small enough to fit in their mouth, it will probably end up in there !

We choose our breeders for their shape, and most important, their colour. We also use fish that are from east of the Great Dividing Range, and from the western side. The genetic difference may result in faster growth rates. Although, technically they are the same species, there is a very great historic distance between the two populations. This may well result in some (hybrid) growth vigor.

Very similar to khaki grunter but haslonger head profile. This can be seen in the picture below showing both species. When pelvic fins pressed against the body they don´t reach the anus as it does with the khaki grunter. 

Fry prices.

30 - 49       ---      $2.31 each  Inc GST

50  - 99    ---      $1.87 each  Inc GST

100 - 499  ---     $1.65 each  Inc GST

500 - 5000  ---   $1.43 including GST

First ever fry were shipped in February 2020. Order now for the 2020-21 season. Minimum order 10,000 fry at AUD$0.55 plus shipping costs. Limited numbers available. Orders will be supplied on a first ordered, first supplied basis. See video of fry here.

Shown below left is a honey perch with a Khaki perch. These fish were just caught in the wild and photographed immediately. To see full size pictures, right click and open in new tab. Below right are honey perch fry.

Khaki perch and honey Perch comparison weaned honey perch 1280x720

Below: Honey Perch and habitat To see full size pictures, right click and open in new tab.

20181003 181129 Copy Honey perch thumb nail


Honey Perch habitat Honey perch habitat 2