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AUSTRALIAN BASS - Macquaria novemaculeata

Australian bass is another native Australian species that shows promise as an aquaculture species.

It prefers cooler water but will tollerate tropical temperatures. Its flesh is white and flakey. It has a delisiously delicate flavour.

Grow-out trials are about to commence in some asian countries.

They will live in full sea water or completely fresh water. This makes many disease out breaks very easy to manage using as much salt as you like. Their natural range is from Bundaberg in Southern Queensland all the way down to Wilsons promontory, the southernmost tip of Victoria, and the southernmost part of Australia. They are found in the uppermost reaches of freshwater rivers and streams during summer, and move down to estuaries during winter. The oldest bass recorded was 47 years old. Australian bass vary in colour from metallic gold to greenish bronze. Their colour will change according to the surroundings. 

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