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It's not so easy to find jade perch in any retail outlet in any of the Australian cities. There is not enough production for it to be offered to the broader market. It's a long story, but essentially all these fish come from family businesses. Farms run by families. They are all making a good, secure living. It would be a big move, and risk, to jump to the "broarder market", supermarket outlets. The Asian community in our cities pretty much consume all the production. I personally have been looking into the option to have it delivered to "mum's" door. It's an obvious market, health conscious mum, or just generally health conscious people that want to eat this regularly. The best I can do at the moment is send it in a box lots, of whole, chilled jade, or silver perch, which you must collect from your local airport, and you collect it there. 

We would have to pack a minimum of 15kg. 
Freight is minimal, I can let you know exactly if you are interested. 
The fish will be $22 per KG. 
Shipping is every Tuesday and Wednesday. 
You can pick it up next morning. We can sometimes send on a direct Sydney flight to arrive in a couple of hours from packing, or a few more hours to Melbourne or Adelaide.
If you are interested please text my mobile: 0407 797 149. OR WeChat: BrucePerchMan
If you need supply of table size fish in Asia, we know many growers in many countries.
We supply fry/fingerlings to many farms. Contact me if you want table ready jade perch.
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